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During this era when large number of journals are already being published, starting a new journal raisesthe eyebrows among the research community. Is it needed? Well, if we ponder, we shall see that most of the modern day journals are being published by big publishing houses, and usually are highly specified. Since theresearch has become over-specialized and compartmentalized, so are the Journals. Nevertheless, needs for Institutional and multi-speciality journal shall always remain to share scientificdevelopment and communicate scientifically, wherein the stress is on knowing finer points to make the foundation stone of medicine more firm as the art of history taking and eliciting clinical signs is fading, in turn giving way to superficiality and no- touch technique of examining patients. Medical education in India is generally deteriorating to no ends and with this feeling we felt the need for this journal to mend the void that is perceptable between the research being done and published. Before couple of decades ; it used to take years to publish articles, though technology has changed the situation and as I witness that the younger generation is paying nose dipping attention to get their article published. This journals will be published simultaneously in both print and online version.  The same is true for an institutional based research, where all grades of research activities are being undertaken and there is much clamor for their publication gradually, as the institution grows with research, diversification of journal will take place automatically. Even today, the highly specialized researchers will find excellent international journals to report their findings. Presently, our faculty is involved in miRNA level research, targeting stem cells in cancer, biotechnological innovations and tissue culture based cancer intervention researches. Even a couple of patents have been obtained and next are under-way. With this vision, the first issue of Era’s Journal of Medical Research in association with American University of Barbados, is in your hands. This issue contains articles from different departments and a couple are from other institutions, and one from AUB, Barbados. So, is the varied subject contents. We expect positive and encouraging criticism, guidance and your vision for this humble initiative of institutional based journal. We shall be able to incorporate few letters to the editor from the next issue and also include exceptionally high quality review articles in the current fields of research. The journal is not limited to research articles from our faculty only, but also solicits and welcome appreciable articles from any institution or individual. I am thankful and greatly acknowledge the cooperative and enthusiastic efforts/supports of my colleagues, as some requiring mention here. Dr. Sharique Ahmad, Dr. Navbir Pasricha and Institute’s Librarian Mr. Md. Kashif Khan. Last, but not the least, the gracious blessings of management body of the Institute Mr. Mohsin Ali Khan, Secretary, EET, Mr. Meesam Ali Khan, Treasurer and Trustee, Prof. Farzana Mahdi, Director Academics, Mr. Faheem Wiqar, Addidtional Director Administration and Late (Col.) S. M. H. Rizvi who was first to encourage us is highly acknowledged.

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