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Era’s Lucknow Medical College & Hospital has a fully equipped Blood Bank which is licensed since 8 years. It has been updated with modern and technical facilities. Our Blood Bank is one of the few blood bank in North India which is providing blood components to its patients since 26/5/2010. We are successful in providing blood & its components to needy & desperate people especially to the poor segment of the society. In view of this, the blood and its components are provided at subsidized rate which is far less than being provided by government blood bank in Uttar Pradesh. We also provide some of the blood component which are surplus like FFP, without asking for blood replacement. There has never been shortage of blood in view of our active efforts in organizing various blood donation camps, Symposium & mass contract.

Apheresis Unit

We also have licensed Apheresis unit in our blood bank. Apheresis is the process we use to collect just plasma or just platelets from your blood when you give a donation. It’s a lot like a normal blood donation, but it just takes a little longer and we return your red blood cells to you during your donation.Donating using an apheresis machine gives a higher volume of concentrated plasma or platelets for each donation. The process is repeated until enough plasma or platelets are collected. This takes between 45 minutes and an hour. You can read, watch TV or relax, just like during a normal donation. Each set of tubing is used once only, for your donation, and then disposed of.When you donate by apheresis your red cells are returned to you, which means you can donate more often if you want – every 2-3 weeks, instead of after 12 weeks as with whole blood.
Apheresis Unit