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To elucidate the mechanisms of stem cell survival and death associated with central nervous system injury and to develop the novel neuroprotective treatments.


Multidisciplinary approaches are employed to study the mechanism underlying stem cell viability and recovery post-injury.

The lab utilizes a wide variety of experimental techniques ranging from behavioral studies to molecular biology: Behavioral Tests (Grip Strength, Rota Rod, Morris water maze, Radial arm maze etc.), pharmacology, histology, imaging (IF, ICC, IHC etc.) and molecular biology (Western, Elisa etc.)

To address the experimental questions, we are employing both in vitro and in vivo approaches: Oxygen glucose Deprivation, co-cultures subjected to hypoxia, animal model of stroke (MCAO), spinal cord injury (Weight-Drop), Alzheimer’s disease (Amyloid –beta; AlCl3).


The Laboratory for Stem Cell & Restorative Neurology has come into the existence on 1st June, 2015 at ELMC&H main campus, Lucknow, and became fully operational from 1st March, 2016.

The laboratory is equipped with state of art facility to carry out both in vitro and in vivo experiments:

Tissue Culture Laboratory
Surgical Room
Behavioral Room
Imaging Room


Tissue Culture
Class II Biosafety Cabinet (Thermofisher Scientific), CO2 incubator (Eppendorf), Water bath (37°C), Cooling centrifuge (Eppendorf), Hypoxia Chamber (Stem Cell Technologies), Inverted Microscope (Zeiss) etc.

Surgical Microscope (Olympus), Stereotaxic instrument (Stoelting), Doppler Flow Imaging system (Moor’s), Surgical Heating Pad (Kent Scientific), Rodent anal Thermometer (Kent Scientific), Spinal Cord impactor etc.

Rota Rod, Morris water maze, Y-maze, Radial Arm maze, Jumping box, T- maze etc.

Molecular Biology
Equipment and facilities for Bacterial Culture, plasmid, Lentiviral prepration, Western blot, Elisa, imaging (Florescent & Chemical), qRT-PCR etc.