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Medical Superintendent : Dr. Prem Shankar Singh
Era's Lucknow Medical College & Hospital has a fully functional 850 beds complete with all facilities and advanced technology. Students are provided with adequate opportunities to interact with patients and gain firsthand clinical experience. The hospital is located in an imposing seven-storey complex that houses the various departments and their respective wards. Trauma and Emergency services are available 24X7. Well-trained Casualty Medical Officers who are assisted by a number of senior and junior doctors and other ancillary staff manage this section. There are nearly a dozen Operation Theatres accessible to this section.
The hospital is having one of the best Radiology centre in north India, having state-of-the-art MRI machine (Hitachi, Japan), Somatom force 400 slice CT Scan, Mammography machine, High-Resolution Colour Doppler, the latest Ultrasound machine and latest X-ray machines (800mA, 600mA, 500mA, 300mA, 100mA, dental x-ray, mobile x-ray etc.).
The state-of-the-art ICU is equipped with a central monitoring system, piped oxygen, suction and compressed air, ventilators, defibrillator and blood gas analyzer.
  • For critical neonates requiring extra care, the hospital has a hi-tech fully equipped specialised NICU.
  • The hospital is supported by all 24 departments, including the Super Speciality department like Paediatric Surgery etc.
  • Super Specialist doctors are employed to render expert opinion and treatment to needy patients.
  • Blood Bank now has the competence to provide constituent components, mainly PRBC, platelets and FFP. For this the department has acquired sophisticated internationally branded instruments/equipment such as plasma expresser, platelet incubator C Agitator, Cell Separator (aphaeresis), deep freezer (-400C-800C), Plasma thawing bath, refrigerated centrifuge & laminar air flow etc.
  • The hospital owns an army of technicians and qualified nurses to provide technical and humanitarian backup to our doctors and patients.
  • The facility of Haemodialysis is available at very competitive rates for cases of kidney failure.