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HLS is highly advanced well equipped 24x7, Laboratory at Ground Floor, Hospital Building, HLS is receiving all samples of IPD, OPD and Emergency Patients to analyze Blood Chemistry, Endocrinology, Heamatology, Cytology, Bacteriology, Serology, Mycology, Parasitology, Virology, and Immunology for routine as well as special Test.

HLS has installed latest Vitros 5600 Integrated System state-of-the-art Integrated Platform. VITROS 5600 Integrated System is an Integration of High throughput Clinical Chemistry Analyser Vitro 5,1 FS ( Clinical Chemistry and Microtip assay) with VITROS 3600 , a high throughput Chemiluminescent Immuno Assay System. The VITROS 5600 Integrated System represents an important milestone in our commitment to further advancements and improvements in TCHNOLOGIES, SECURITIES, THROUGHPUT and MENUS.


VITROS 5600 Integrated System is a powerful blend of current VITROS value principles with innovative new enhancements like More Security by increasing Result integrity / Reliability with Microslide / MicroTip Technology & Intellicheck Technology. More Capability through Flexible Operations & increased throughput More Menu & Consolidation, combining the Microslide, Microwell, MicroTip, Microsensor & Intellicheck Technology. It also allows unique integration of Routine Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay and special chemistries like Proteins, TDM, DAT,HbA1C etc.
Special tests performed by HLS are LH, FSH, Prolactin, PSA, α-Fetoprotein, β-HCG, CPK-MB, Glycosylated Hemoglobin, LDL-Direct, Ferritin, Iron, TIBC, Rh Antibody Titer, Coomb’s Test, TB IGM, IGG, IGA, Card ELISA Test of Malaria and Dengue, TORCH Test, Full Coagulation Profile, Bone Marrow Examination.
Our labs are well equipted with high quality, Multithreaded Microscopes with facilities of digital imaging, Sysmex KX-21, XL-300, Urine analyzer, ELISA reader and Washer, Erba Mannheim, Chem-5 plus V2, Vermatic-20, Eschweiler Compact ISE. To provide quality services HLS is running Internal and External Quality Control Programmes for their analyzer have trained and skilled technical staff reporting system through software and error free blood investigation.
Quality Control Programmes
Hospital Lab Services, Era’s Lucknow Medical College & Hospital, Lucknow has participated in The External Quality Assurance Survey Program Conducted by ERBA Mannheim, Germany for the period between January 10 to June 10 The Client ID no. being 1425 during this cycle of EMQAS 10-01. The performance of the HLS, during the cycle was found to be Grade ‘A’
  • External, CMC Vellore & Transasia.
  • Internal, Bio-Rad & Transasia.
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