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One unit of the Department of Surgery was upgraded to form the dedicated Department of Paediatric Surgery. It was established after approval of the academic committee, inspection by experts and authorization by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University. The Paediatric Surgery O.P.D. runs 4 days a week, whereas neonatal & paediatric surgical emergencies are undertaken round-the-clock. Elective surgeries are performed on new-borns, infants and pre-adolescent children. We operate on skull (VP shunt/occipital encephalocoele), thorax (TEF empyema & any tumors in mediastinum), abdomen (intestinal obstruction/ benign & malignant tumours, Hirshprung disease) as well as spine (mylomeningocoele /lipomeningocoele, sacrococcygeal teratoma). All paediatric urological surgeries like kidney anomalies/hydronephrosis & kidney tumours are performed. Genital anomalies such as hypospadias, epispadias, congenital hydrocoele, hernia are also operated upon. We specialize in paediatric endoscopy as well as paediatric laparoscopy (viz. orchidopexy/cholecystectomy/hernia). The most commonly operated anomaly is ano-rectal malformation.


Department is involved in undergraduate teaching in the form of lectures, interactive teaching and live demonstration of therapeutic procedures twice a week. Postgraduates from Department of Surgery are rotated for paediatric surgical training. They are trained for paediatric procedure & operations, discussions, seminars & journal club. General surgery residents rotate every two weeks for patient care and hands-on training.


The department of paediatric surgery is actively involved in research activities. There has been active participation in various national & international conferences by the faculty members as speakers or chairperson and postgraduates in the form of competitive paper presentation as well as PG quizzes at state level as well as national level. The research work of our faculty & postgraduates has been appreciated & published in various national & international indexed journals.